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Childrens Movies

Children's movies are made especially for kids so they do not, as a rule, include adult situations and controversial topics. Children's movies are usually referred to under family films in general, which are defined as wholesome movies that everyone can enjoy. However, while family films attempt to include topics that will get parents and other older family members interested, most children's movies are focused on pleasing their very young audience. They are not necessarily animated films, however. While some non-animated films can have a general patronage rating, some more recent animated films are definitely not for kids.

Looking at examples of children's movies, you will notice that kids prefer stories with imaginative plots. Though made for children, the best children's movies must not depend too much on childish and simplistic humour. They must also not be overly sentimental.

Roles and features of children's movies

Again, children's movies are wholesome films intended for the viewing of young children. Some of these films promote values for children to learn. These values are taught by including situations that are familiar to children. For example, there are some Christmas stories that emphasise the value of sharing. When they are still at an impressionable age, children must be taught the right values.

Festivals for children's movies

While there are festivals that celebrate the different aspects and types of film-making, festivals featuring children's movies have also emerged to give importance to entertainment for kids. An example is the London's Children's Movie Festival.

Genres of children's movies

Children's movies are made under several genres. These genres must, of course, be consistent with the required wholesome quality of children's movies. Because of this requirement, common genres that children's movies use are fantasy, adventure, comedy and musicals. The mentioned genres are safe breeding grounds for rated G films.

Adapting children's movies from books

A recent popular trend in children's movies is using stories from published books. Though not an entirely new practice, recent figures show the success of more book adaptations. Some of these children's book adaptations are the Harry Potter series, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Spiderwick Chronicles to name a few. Going more than two decades back, you will also recognise some book adaptations, like The Never Ending Story. It is during the latter 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, however, that you see more children's book adaptations in the world of children's movies.

Notable children's movies

Notable children's movies include classics such as The Never Ending Story, the 1973 version of Charlotte's Web and The Wizard of Oz. Animated films generally made for children like Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast have significant impact on their young audiences.